Email Groups

WW Crew has lots of groups we use for communications. We will try to add athletes and parents to all appropriate lists.

Join a Group:  If you would like to join a list, please click on the link in the center column, or send a (very specific) request to that includes the name of the list you would like to join and the email you would like to use with it. 

Send a Message to a Group: Only people who are members of the group can send a message to the group. If you are a member (and you really want to send a message to everyone), send your message in the right-hand column. 

Varsity Boys!forum/varsity-boys/
Varsity Boys Captains!forum/vb_captains/
Varsity Boys Coxswains!forum/vb_coxswains/
Varsity Boys Parents!forum/vb_parents/
Varsity Girls!forum/varsity-girls/
Varsity Girls Captains!forum/vg_captains/
Varsity Girls Coxswains!forum/vg_coxswains/
Varsity Girls Parents!forum/vg_parents/
Varsity Parents!forum/v_parents/
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