We had some great racing this weekend!

The girls team swept the competition with no boat coming closer than 3 seconds behind any WW crew.  The boy’s open 4 won their race against Essex’s light and open 4’s which came in 2nd and 3rd respectively ahead of WW’s light 4.  After the 4’s race Essex swept the rest of the events. The boy’s 1st 8 came in 3rd in a tight race, finishing 3 seconds behind Brookline and 7 seconds behind Essex.  In the 2nd 8 race WW came in second, 7 seconds behind Essex and 9 seconds ahead of Brookline.  Lastly, in the 3V race WW’s 3rd and 4th 8s finished 2nd and 3rd  ahead of Brookline with the 3v finishing 9 seconds behind Essex.

The novice boy’s rowed an excellent race.  It was the last race of the day and one that I got to follow in the launch.  The WW BN8 came in 2nd, 10 seconds behind Essex and 13 seconds ahead of the Essex 2N.  The WW Boys came off the line very fast and out stroked their more experienced competitors considerably in the first 750 meters.  The higher rate kept them close but Essex was able to pull away once both crews settled to race pace.  It was a great effort and some valuable race experience was gained.  Ten seconds isn’t much in an early season novice race, I cant wait to see what they can do with a little more water time.

Thanks to everyone for coming out to watch and to all the volunteers who helped so much in running the event.

Official results are linked below